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The chandelier is perhaps the oldest form of decorative lighting, marking its earliest appearances in medieval churches as suspended wooden crosses from which candles were mounted. As time went on, it was discovered that natural rock crystal helped reflect candlelight to illuminate larger areas. As crystal became more commonly used to ornament light sources, chandeliers evolved from functional to aesthetic, and eventually became symbols of wealth and power.

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CHANDELIERS LIGHTSThere is no addition you can make to a dining room, living room, kitchen, or foyer, that epitomizes class more than a crystal chandelier. These chandeliers integrate all the most contemporary, and elegant, crystal design, but utilize the natural light of candles to highlight the fixtures. To be honest, there really isn’t any comparison to a candle chandelier when it comes to accessorizing your home in a classy and traditional manner.
CRYSTAL LIGHTSOne of the biggest surprises homeowners encounter when shopping for a crystal chandelier is realizing how many choices they have when it comes to choosing the quality of the crystal. There are multiple grades of crystal available to choose from, which ranges from near-diamond quality on down to utilitarian, glass varieties. Prices between grades of crystal vary immensely, so it’s important to know your limitations budget wise before you start shopping.

The beauty of crystal is that it can be incorporated into any home design. Don’t feel that an elegant crystal chandelier needs an elegant setting; the combination of unexpected textures and details can create a fabulous look in every home. From a modern crystal pendant to a traditional foyer chandelier, crystal adds the right finishing touch to any space.

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